What We Do:

Avant Options is an option trading newsletter and options education service providing Option Trading Strategies including directional, non-directional, and income generating options trading recommendations. Our primary focus is to maximize your returns and minimize overall trading and trading related stress.

We consistently achieve targeted annual returns of 20-40% while minimizing drawdowns and overall risk. Our strict adherence to risk management and a flexible trading approach provides low stress trading and less volatile portfolio gyrations than our competitors vastly eliminating sleepless nights.

How We Do It:

We utilize Credit Spread, Debit Spread, Iron Condor, Iron Butterfly, Butterfly options strategies, as well as conventional long Call and Put strategies, to produce consistent and stable returns on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

We constantly analyze volatility, probabilities, economic data releases, real-time market fluctuations, and world and financial headlines so you don’t have to.

Subscribers receive clear and concise trading recommendations and market updates when appropriate. We prefer not to fill up your inbox with “content” for the sake of doing so. Other services produce a lot of wordy content to justify their subscription fee. We prefer to let our performance do the talking.